Food Makes the World Go Round

I love food! Well, who doesn’t? Even those skinny models in the catwalk surely had a favorite on mind. Here’s a compilation of short poems about food that my family loves. Have a feast ~_~

There’s Something About Ice Cream

I like it super cold

I like it when the weather is hot

I like it with tiny sweet sprinkles

I like it with caramel and nuts

I like it in colorful cones

I like it melting in my cup

I like it with chocolate chips

I like it with straberries on top

I like it with peanut butter

I like it in my fries

I like it in my root beer

I like it in my pies

And the most recent thing I’ve discovered is that

Ice cream are best when they are fried!

Fried Chicken at Its Best










Yummylicious to the bones!!!

When the Greeks Make their Salad

When the Greeks make their salads

They use only the fresh ingredients

Juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers

Sliced red onions, green peppers

Crumbly feta cheese, plump kalamata olives

Oh don’t you drool

With just the sound of these?

Well the magic doesn’t stop there

Of course you have to follow the steps

Toss and mix all the ingredients

In a large salad bowl

Then in a separate small jar with a covered lid

Place the olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper

Shake the ingredients very well

Then toss it gently to combine just before serving

Garnish the Greek Salad with a little freshly ground pepper!


The Versatile Potato

It is usually deformed, rough and earthy

Sometimes when lucky, it is elongated and shiny

But nevertheless, it still remains as a favorite

By children, adults, well almost everybody

Sometimes it is boiled, sometimes it is sauted

Sometimes it is fried, sometimes it is whipped

Sometimes it is stuffed, mashed and sometimes it is baked

It gives extra texture to soup, salads  and curries

It adds beauty and color, when served as a side dish

It may be salty, greasy and unhealthy

But when it’s deep fried, it’s just so yummy

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you

Our very own Potato, so versatile, so yummy and oh so true!

All About Cheese

There’s something about cheese

As if there’s a story tell

Coz everytime i taste it

Something rings like a bell

Cheese is tsiis for the West Frisian

Cheese is kaas for the Dutch

Originally in Latin it is caseus

Meanwhile it’s keso for the Filipinos

Cheese is made up of protein and fat from milk

Usually from cows, buffalo, goats and sheep

But sometimes i wonder, sometimes i think

If it came from kangaroos or pandas will it taste so cheap?

If you want to make cheese, the first step is curdling

This is when you separate the solid curd and liquid whey

Then the curd is turned into a moist gel, drained and a little bit of salting

Finally, you have to let it stay for a while and enjoy it’s ripening

My mommy likes her cheese overflowing in the pasta

My daddy usually grate them lovingly then sprinkle in his pizza

The baby use them like a weapon,  the dog is always his victim

While i let it melts in my muffins then lick it like an ice cream.


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