Barney and friends

Are truly the best

We sing in the morning

We read stories at night

I learned about counting

And colors in my sight

I learned about sharing

Playing without a fight

Just being with them

Is a wonderful delight


first, there were the two red lines on the strip

which brought joys to my bones

i  went to the car

and started dialing my phones

philip popped the champagne

while i was handed healthy glass of lemons

he looked at me sweetly

i smiled with no objections 


soon, my tummy started to grow

i moved with precaution

promissed not be streesed

and bother this little person

in the morning i just wanted watermelons

at night, i crave for toasted bacons

sleepy philip would always obliged

no complaints, no hesitation


i would read you stories

i would sing you a song

philip would play his guitar

and hum all night long

i started buying little shoes and clothes

my dog would even tag along

everyone is filled with excitement

they wished you to be healthy and strong


soon the time has come

your weight i couldn’t hold

with pain and anxiety

that day i was enfold

i breath in and breath out

i have to scream, i have to pushed

the sound of your tiny cries

rang in our ears like precious gold


philip held you in his arms

with eyes full of tears

you were gently put on my bed

i welcomed you with a kiss

your litlle mouth gave out a yawn

that erased all our worries

we were all grateful and glad

you are god’s precious gift!

~~ dedicated to my son ARKI



She cried in silence in the middle of the night

She drowned her pains with all the sake within her sight

She cursed her skills in Ikebana and threw it on the side

She lost her fiancee, the news was deafening like a dynamite

She promised revenge to that assassin who deprived her from her right.


She left home immediately, with grudge she went to Kyoto

She was recruited as a spy and agreed to follow the plans of Katsura Kogoro

She was asked to live with a man, the same man who brought her sorrow

She wasn’t allowed to question, the role she just have to follow

She would act as his wife and just wait for the perfect time tomorrow



He was a product of the ugly war when he was a child

He witnessed the massacre of the only people he loved

He was scared, he was lost, his world was pretty bad

He was then rescued by Seijuro Hiko the master who restored his life

He was taught swormanship, the skill he needed to survive


He was only fifteen when he joined the Meiji Restoration

He was the Battousai, the greatest assassin ever known

He murdered not for a living but for the hope of a better nation

He has never foreseen the failure of a revolution

He was then asked to hide and live with a woman, her past was unknown 


Kenshin and Tomoe:

They were sent away  from Kyoto to live in a small and quiet town

They pretended as husband and wife to misled any enemies around

He was hardworking nevertheles, his gentleness was profound

She was mysterious but caring, her innocence he would not doubt

They wanted to heal each other’s pain, they soon fell in love.


Tomoe made up her mind and planned to save his life

But Kenshin was ambushed and soon the sad truth he realized

She was just a bait and that everything she is was a lie

Weakened maybe by the wound he won’t die without a fight

The opponent draws out his weapon, her body moved to his plight


He was blinded with pain, he thrusts the sword with his might

She felt it sting, blood and tears were flowing side by side

The enemy fell down together with his love who died in his arms

She protected the man she vowed to kill in the beginning

While he killed the woman he vowed to protect in the end.


THEY used to envy US

coz WE had a love more than love

but IT suddenly changed

when SHE came to town like an angel from above

YOU know that I love YOU

and that I love YOU still

but YOU started to like HER

leaving ME against MY will

but fate is funny, IT started to play

I am dying to win YOU back

while YOU pursue HER everyday

but SHE loves someone else 

HE who doesn’t actually care

SHE did everything for HIM

HE who noticed ME instead

Well, did YOU know

Or could YOU tell

YOU were the only one for ME?

So if I leave and accept HIM

would YOU even see?

IT’S funny how HE chases ME

as I continue chasing YOU

YOU who keep on chasing HER

SHE who desires HIM so true

so where do WE go

from THIS complicated life

I will just leave MY pains

to MY faithful god above!


I wish I have a boss

Who works harder than I do

Who leads by example

Who knows to smile and say “hello”


I wish I have a boss

Who doesn’t love to blame

Who doesn’t shout when pressured

Who doesn’t call people with stupid names


I wish I have a boss

Who isn’t insecure

Who knows how to spot real talents

Who encourages with words that are pure


I wish I have a boss

Who values each employee

Who takes an extra effort

Who knows each one personally


I wish I have a boss

Who knows how to have fun

Who appreciates little things

Who counts these blessings one by one!


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