Why Bamboo Shoes Are Best For You


For a teacher who works in a private school like me, Christmas Season is absolutely the best days of our lives. Well considering how less our salaries compared to those who work in government agencies and institutions, we are best compensated during the holidays with gift checks and numerous presents. Last year as I opened my gifts with excitement, my eyes were literally having a feast as I uncover series of signature bags such as Coach, Louis Vuitton and Prada. I also had the usual presents like organizers, clothes, perfumes, wallet, mugs, chocolates, a bottle of wine and gift certificates from SM. There was one unusual item though that I tumbled upon; apparently it was given by Erica Lee, an ex-change student from Korea. At first, I couldn’t figure out if it was a wedge or a flat, for sure it was a shoe. It was accompanied with two extra shoe mats. I examined the label and as expected, they were all written in Korean. I tried on them and contrary to my lack of gusto, they felt great and comfortable. I immediately called Erica and asked about them.

“Oh, great shoes teacher from Korea. Made from bamboo good for the feet!” my student exclaimed. The next thing I knew I’ve been wearing them whenever I stroll to the park, meet my friends over coffee or run an errand. The shoes gave me so much comfort and ease. Unlike some leather shoes that are painful to the feet and sometimes they do stain your stockings, these bamboo shoes are absolutely friendly. I also noticed that the unwanted smell coming from my feet every time I remove my footwear was completely gone. I shared this experience to my friends and soon enough they started asking how to get one for their selves. We checked the net and to our surprise, we were given more than what we have expected.

A teacher I am, I was ignorant to some of the bamboo’s benefits. Here in the Philippines, bamboos are commonly used for handicrafts and construction. As for bamboo shoes, never really heard of it.  Research and studies proved that bamboo fibers are very advantageous not only to the users but also to the environment. Because of the fact that bamboos do not need pesticides unlike fruit-bearing trees, the risk for air pollution is eliminated. Bamboo also contains an active ingredient called benzoquinone, which makes the finish products free from rot and bacteria. The Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine and Japan Textile Inspection Association have conducted continuous testing for the production of this antibacterial property. They believed that through the preservation of bamboo’s natural antibacterial and antimicrobial function, bamboo fiber can fight green bacteria, golden staph, pneumonia bacteria, and E. coli concentration. At present the United States and Europe market produce bamboo fiber fabrics that have become favorable to consumers.

Today my friends and relatives are using bamboo shoes. I even purchased my second pair and got it with a 20% discount. Let your feet experience comfort, pamper and health benefits grab a pair of bamboo shoes now.

Date: 10/28/2010


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  1. Wooden shoes, amazing. The Dutch, the Spanish, the Koreans and now from the Philippines, everyone enjoys them — we who go barefoot must be missing something. You can have all that leather, skin and rubber stuff — give me wood clogs anytime. And for barriers, I planted and then tended bamboo all along the back edge of our property –I learned many lessons, and made good neighbors.

    (Beats me how such a good post could go so long without a comment.)


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