Best New Laptops under $500: A complete guide for dummies

Laptops have become a basic necessity for a career-driven being. Simply for the reason that it has everything a person needs. More than the shiny and chic exteriors, laptops provide array of benefits. First and foremost, they are wireless and portable. You can bring them while you travel and use them in remote places. You can insert and run different devices which can work all at the same time. Yes, experience technology and entertainment without the hassle of inconvenience.

The question is “How can I get the best laptop within my budget?” Smart buyers will always look for two things in any piece of technology: quality and affordability. Unfortunately with the economy’s unpredictable rise and fall, it is quite impossible for consumers to get the latest trend without letting their wallets and credit cards suffer at the same time. Worry no more, Digital Trends has provided a complete list of the best buy laptops under $500.

Known for their logo “upgrade your lifestyle” and their reliable product reviews and technological news, Digital Trends has shared some of their favorite best buy laptops.

• ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201N-PU17 for $483.41

– Dependable with its dual-core Intel Atom processor and Nvidia’s Ion graphics processor which can run many modern games on the 1366 x 768 display.

• Lenovo X100e for $449+

– More than your average notebook, this has a staying power that never runs out of style.

• ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005PE for $377.80

– At only 2.8 pounds, super convenient with the ability for long lasting surfing.

• HP Pavilion dm1z Series for $449.99+

– Packed with incredible specs, this laptop has superior memory and can handle HD videos like you’ve never seen before.

• Sony Viao W Series for $449.99

– This is a stylish notebook that comes with an attitude. The brand says it all.

• Compaq Presario CQ62Z for $379.99

– Very spacious which offers the comfort of a notebook at very reasonable price.

Don’t just sit back and relax waiting for these wonderful items to reach your hands. Take advantage of the offered friendly prices and get yourself a laptop. Browse the web and check out for more available products. Who knows, you might hit a jackpot with just a $500.

Date: 10/29/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                                             Top 10 Gifts for Christmas

The spirit of joy and peace is in the air. You can see decors hanging already. Vibrant colors of red, green, silver and gold are displayed in almost every houses, offices and buildings. Cheerful carols are being played too from the different radio stations. You’re right Christmas is just around the corner. With 52 days left, everybody is excited for one of the happiest and grandest festivities in the world. Christmas is a much-awaited season most especially by children and teens. It would mean a break from school works, reunions with cousins and friends abroad, sumptuous meals and money and gifts from parents and godparents. While for most adults, getting a present from one of their wish list could give them a lot of bliss. The clock is ticking so before you ran out of time and experience the pressure of a holiday rush, better start saving money now and prepare your checklist of gifts to be given to your love ones. The perfect question is “What are the best gifts to be given this year?”

Worry no more, as the countdown continues we also give you a list of the top ten gifts for 2010. These are absolutely wonderful and budget friendly items. And remember, it’s the thought that counts. Start digging!

Top 10 Nintendo Wii- This is a gift that can be enjoyed not just by the kids but the whole family as well. It’s a great source of fun and pleasure considering its accessibility. Both played indoor and outdoor, the wii is just a perfect idea.

Top 9 Digital Camera – With better features that comes in stunning colors, digital cameras are great gifts for Christmas. For as low as $100, you can to your love ones something that captures memories that last for a life time.

Top 8 New Apple iPods – Your son or daughter would kiss you from head to toe if they could receive such an awesome gift. These are the trendiest and coolest gadget teenagers are using right now. Bring out the music in your child; visit your nearby stores which offer big holiday discounts.

Top 7 DVD Specials – Surprise your buddy with his or her favorite television series packed in a new DVD collection. This is something that a friend could enjoy even after the heights of the Christmas celebration.

Top 6 Coach Signature Watch – You may not pop up the question at the moment but giving your lady love a Coach Signature watch is a nice treat. For as low as $49, there are varieties of colors and designs to choose from. Let her remember you and your thoughtfulness whenever she checks her time.

Top 5 Gift Certificate – It is the safest and the most convenient gift that you can share to someone you really don’t know what to give. At least do a research on where they usually shop or dine before giving them the pleasure of using it.

Top 4 Holiday Package – Enjoy the holiday season with a blast, use your bonus wisely by getting a vacation package for your family. Give a treat to your kids in Disneyland or a worth remembering escapade in Hawaii. This holiday package will surely bring you closer to each other.

Top 3 Personalized Gift Basket – From favorite sweets to finest wines, a personalized gift basket will not only give feast to the eyes but also warmth to the heart. Surprise a friend or an office mate by giving a basket of their favorite best-selling novels, sports memorabilia, cookbooks or collectible toys.

Top 2 Scrapbook Full of Old Memories – Because your parents deserve the best, giving them something that truly comes from the heart made with a lot of effort and dedication is just perfect. Imagine their expressions as they enjoy looking a page of pictures during their wedding day or pictures of you during your most innocent years. Rekindle happy memories together on Christmas Eve because joy is the true spirit of this season.

Top 1 A Surprise with a very Personal Touch – Giving your love ones with an extravagant gift they least expect is such a remarkable accomplishment this year. A concert ticket for your boyfriend to watch his favorite rock band or the ring your girl has been waiting for are simply irresistible. How about surprising your wife with a laptop which she can enjoy after doing her routine of household chores? Now that’s lethal! There are many laptops under $300 to choose from. Companies like Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, and Toshiba are offering a selection of laptops which comes with beautiful exteriors and built-in features. Shop on line and get free shipment and factory warranties. With a fancy gift wrap or just a simple ribbon, place this gift on your bed and let this be the first thing she sees after waking up. Or better yet, create a screen saver that shows your sweetest picture together with the captions “Merry Christmas Sweetheart” on it. Surely, love is in the air not only during this season but all throughout the year.

Date: 10/03/2010


                                                       Funky Laptop Cases for Active Teens

They used to be your bundle of joy. Remember the old days when they bring you laughter and tears because of their pure innocence? Their first word, first time to attempt to walk, their struggle to reach something from the table, tantrums whenever you get them out from the water, their obedience to whatever clothes you want them to wear and other cute little stuff. Then suddenly, just like a blink in the eye, those days are over. You now see a towering individual with a weird and out of this world hair style and clothing behaving like “Mr. and Ms. Know-it-all”. You start to ask, “whoah! Was that my adorable kid?” Oh yes, welcome to a new stage of parenthood. Raising a teen is quiet a challenge. And take note adolescence is just a normal stage where your kid experiences a major transition; a transition that defines their individuality.

Every teenager has a unique personality. The way they talk, style their hair, choose their wardrobe, music preferences and manage their rooms have something to say about who they are. They tend to mimic the actions and lifestyles of their favorite rock band, Hollywood celebrity or NBA superstar. However, if there is one connection that all teenagers share, that is their love and fascination with technology. From iPods to computers, they seem to know everything out there. Whether you like it or not, your child knows better about the latest trend before you do. And right now, with the unstoppable innovation of computers comes the arrival of funky and hip laptop cases. Laptop cases have become a fashion statement and you may consider getting one for your active teen.

Now before just simply grabbing one in the corner, take note of the following aspects to consider: price, material, and style. Search online for affordable and chic laptop cases. There are varieties depending on size, color and designs. With the coming holiday season, watch out for big discounts also offered by leading stores around your area. Next is to check the material, leathers are known for its durability. But don’t get the traditional black or brown leather case, this is too formal for your teen. Funky leather laptop cases are already out in the market. Lastly and the most important thing to remember is the style of the case. Does it suit your child’s personality? If your child is always on the go, get him a padded backpack bag with customized pockets for his other gadgets. On the other hand, if your teen is a diva-material, get her a fabulous tote bag with two handles for better control or across-the-body funky bag. They come in popping colors and eye-catching patterns. They even have additional compartments for other accessories. Believe me, you will give him a knock out surprise when instead of your constant nagging, a trendy laptop case will wake him up in the morning. Good luck for the search Mom and Dad!

Date: 11/04/2010

Submitted to Emily Pierce

                                                           Laptop Table for Laid-back People

The demand for laptops has increased in a very surprising way. Because of its versatility and convenience, the laptop has become a necessity for the working class and even for the home-based individuals. However many of us fail to realized that the use of laptop can be disadvantageous too. Aside from the fact that laptops are difficult to upgrade compared to a desktop, discomfort and health issues can be a great concern.

Since laptops are portable, most people would bring it whenever they travel where they could work along the way. While for home-based employees, laptops are often brought to bed where they work with convenience. In this case, our body posture is very much affected because we tend to slouch and sit adjusting to the position of the laptop. Sometimes we don’t even notice how close our faces could get to the monitor because the keyboard is connected to it thus good eyesight starts to deteriorate. Working too long in front of your laptop without any back support could also develop muscle and joint pains. These concerns can not be simply ignored because they may lead to serious medical problems in the future. Of course we don’t want this to happen so just like what our friendly doctor always say, prevention is better than cure. The solution is very simple. Get yourself a laptop table.

If technology caused a problem, technology will solved it as well. Today there are portable laptop tables invented and patented to address the issues of discomfort. These laptop tables are engineered and designed to bring ease to all users. Depending on the product and brand, there are laptop tables which accommodate all types of laptops. Some have built-in fans as well to minimize overheating. There are portable laptop tables which come with adjustable stands ready to fit different working positions. The bedridden, disabled or simply the laid-back person can now work in bed or in the sofa without worrying back pains or muscle fatigue since these products are highly functional and mobile. The great thing about these laptop tables is that you can use them too as breakfast tray and reading table.

So end your suffering and increase productivity with great comfort. Check online for products, video presentations and sample demonstrations. Laptop tables had maid life easier and computer use less stressful.

Date: 11/04/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce



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