Silver Dress and Shoes: Breaking the Tradition

Weary of wearing black and red gowns for your upcoming prom? Well you don’t have to end up looking just like everybody else. Step up and dazzle the world with the new “it” color, SILVER. Like the moon in astrology, whose energy controls the rhythm of ocean tides, the color silver has a soothing and calming effect. Silver dress when matched with perfect colors such as turquoise or blue creates the effect of elegance, glamour and sophistication. Be ready to shine and sparkle on prom night.

Silver is one of the hottest fashion trends in Hollywood today. Proof? Just look at last year’s MTV Video Music Award. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Kristin Cavalarri shimmered and sparkled in their gorgeous silver dresses. While this year’s much anticipated OSCARS was graced by golden women of film who were clad in various silver gowns accented with matching silver shoes. Sandra Bullock, who bagged the Best Actress Award, together with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, and Helen Mirren redefined glamour and outshone other Hollywood superstars when they arrived at the award’s night in different silver hues. Sandra Bullock wore a figure-hugging gown by Marchesa. Kate Winslet once again looked beautifully elegant in a strapless gown by Yves Saint Laurent teamed with Tiffany diamonds, while Helen Mirren, 2007 Academy Best Actress, was in a Badgley Mischka dress. Cameron Diaz, who was the last to arrive at the Kodak Centre, wowed the crowd when she stepped out in a strapless beaded Oscar de la Renta gown. Indeed, silver has been all over the place in the red carpet lately.

You too can experience Hollywood on prom night. Get trendy and fabulous by choosing the best silver dress from your nearby stores or go online and visit websites which offer the latest and best buy prom dresses. You might want to check out for Sherri Hill 2226 and become drop-dead gorgeous on the dance floor. Made from hand sewn silver paiettes swirl over your curves on the way to the sexy short hemline, this dress is best paired with silver high-heeled shoes. With the right accessories and attitude, you’ll definitely shine like a star.

Date: 10/27/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                         The Plaid Skirt Revolution

Plaid skirt used to be a part of a boring school uniform. Perhaps majority of the teenage girls have been dreading to finish school to get rid of the same piece of garment they have worn over the years. Why not? Most of the time these skirts come in dull repeated colors, worn below the knees especially in Catholic Schools and they just make you loose a sense of character as you walk around looking like everybody else. Well, those days are gone because plaid skirts have evolved and experienced an absolute makeover. Thanks to the many celebrities who gave life and twist to these used-to-be low-key and prim type of clothing.

Although skirts are known to be worn by both sexes hundreds of years ago, it’s still indisputable that women wore them better. Skirt redefines a woman’s body. With a little bit of experiment plus appropriate accessories, it will give you a different sense of personality matched with unexpected sexual appeal. Way back in 1919, the plaid skirt in particular hit the fashion world and gained a massive popularity when New York Times recognized its appeal and beauty to the industry. Since then, the plaid skirt has become a day to day wardrobe.  Women have been wearing them not only in schools and offices but also during social activities. From the casual below the knee length, a new look was given to it when fashion maven like Vivienne Westwood added rips to it.

But the most dramatic effect of this clothing exploded in 1990 when Britney Spears invaded the music scene with her unforgettable hit single Baby One More Time. She was sexy and naughty in that plaid mini skirt matched with white blouse tied at the navel. The old-school uniform was completely gone in ancient history. Before you know it, models and stars from Hollywood were clad in various kinds. There was the darling Miss Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless, who caught everybody’s attention with her very short plaid pencil skirt. Supermodel Giselle Bundchen channeled a revolutionized sexy Scottish skirt in the runway during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2006. Let us not forget Serena, Blair, Jenny, Vanessa, or Georgina of Gossip Girl in their chic and very stylish plaid school uniform. Even female leads in Asian telenovelas hit such as Princess Hours, Boys over Flower and Hanayori Dango sported cool and trendy plaid mini-skirts. To top them all are the cute and sexy wardrobe of different Animẻ characters in various Manga series. Remember the Sailor Moon?

Today these skirts are everywhere. They now come in various styles, patterns, colors and materials may it be in the summer or winter. Pair them with stockings, boots, flats or high-heeled shoes and get a glamorous look. Plaid skirts will never run out of fashion.

Date: 10/29/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                              Sweater Vest Is Back with a Sweet Revenge

What would most people normally cry out whenever they see guys in sweater vest? Ultimate GEEK control! Yes, it is sad but whether we like it or not, conscious on or unconscious, this piece of cloth has been stereotyped by many as the ultimate wardrobe for the nerdy. Media particularly the television is partly to be blamed for the series of misconceptions about sweater vest. Just scan you favorite chick flick or any feel good movies and you’ll always stumble a character who happens to be scholarly, serious, hardworking, naive and nice. And what do they usually wear? Yes, sweater vest of course. Look at the billboards or just simply open today’s advertisements about schools and other academic materials, the model is wearing the same usual outfit. Worst, you want to end up with a hot and charming guy then stay away from that dude in sweater vest. Well not anymore! This misjudged fashion article rose from the ashes and is back with a sweet revenge.

Today, sweater vest are everywhere. With more varieties, bolder colors, better designs and range of fabrics, they are definitely back in the spotlight. The “used-to-be” for nerdy types is now a hot GQ garb. Just take a look at Mr. Justin Timberlake himself who brought the new sexy look with his casual three-piece suit, fedoras and oh yes, the sweater vests. Soon Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Zack Efron and other celebrity and music icons were sporting the popular apparel. Football players, coaches, anchormen and sportscasters are wearing one nowadays. To top them all is no other than the World’s Highest Paid Athlete no other than Tiger Woods, with a $110 million earning over the past year, he sure can look down-to-earth, modest and cool at the same time with his favored sweater vests.

Due to popular demands, sweater vests are made available from your nearby stores to shops on line. There are no restrictions in wearing one and with its very affordable price this could be a best buy item. Teens, adults, career-driven people or laid back individuals will surely look good on them. Even girls who would pair them with a plaid skirt will exude a certain level of charm and sexiness. Great for the workplace, great for outdoors, great for formal occasions, and definitely great for you so don’t miss the fun.

Date: 10/31/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                                              The Silver Shoes Madness

If you think Cinderella was lucky enough for leaving a glass slipper in the hands of her prince charming, well think again. Though she did marry her love in the end and they lived happily ever after, they could have skipped the drama, cut the search and just simply fell into each other’s arms if not because of that silly glass slipper which slipped off from Cinderella’s foot when she tried to run away during the ball. Fairy God Mother could have done better if and only she gave poor Cindy something stylishly yet comfortable pairs and I’m referring to silver shoes.

Silver shoes first gained attention in the best-selling book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow. In the story the Silver Shoes was owned by the Wicked Witch of the East but passed down to Dorothy Gale through the help of the Good Witch of the North. The shoes were enchanted for they could transport the bearer into different places. As the book rose to stardom so as the silver shoes. In the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the shoes were replaced in Ruby Slippers but possessed the same powers. In the film Wiz, the silver high-heeled shoes were born. In the 1982 remake, the shoes were back to red but this time with more super abilities. Finally, in the Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, the silver shoes returned with glittery and sophistication. That was the time when designers and shoes mogul rushed to their draft sheets and started reinventing the magical shoes.

At present, silver shoes still possess the same enchantment. But this time, they come in stunning designs and striking hues. Celebrities are parading in town and gracing the red carpet with chic and more elegant designs. The most talked about fashion statements belonged some A-list stars. Supermodel Heidi Klum looked stunning in a silver Michael Kors mini dress which she paired with silver shoes during the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York. Meanwhile Naomi Watts was a head-turner not only because of her classy Dolce & Gabbana suit but because of  her shiny black and silver shoes. Onlookers said that the shoes were absolutely beautiful and divine. Finally we have Oscar Nominated Actress Anne Hathaway who looked dashing as she arrived at the premier of “Valentino: The Last Emperor” last May 17. Her silver high-heeled shoe accented with gold designs caught the cameras and fans in admiration. Even the young Suri Cruise, adorable daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Katie Holmes-Cruise was captured showing her Bonpoint silver ballerina shoes. Fashion glamour is surely in the making.

Check out 2010’s best Strappy Silver Sandals on sale. Baby Phat Bijou Silver Sandals, J Lo Daisy, Jessica Bennet – Fever Silver Sandals, and Kenneth Cole Reaction Cedar Liscious are just but a few of the incredible signatured items you may find. Grab one and experience magic yourself.

Date: 10/31/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                        Interesting Facts about Character Shoes for Dance

The sandals are most probably the earliest type of footwear. Based on archaeological and paleoanthropological evidence, the earliest protective coverings for the human foot appeared to start during the Middle Paleolithic period of approximately 40, 000 years ago. Originally invented to protect the feet, shoes are more than just a necessity today. As we enjoy the benefits of various products of technology in the 20th century, the shoes experienced dramatic changes and evolution too just the like rest in history

Shoes have become a major part of our everyday attire. With varied colors, sizes, textures and styles, the wearing of shoes depends on the type of weather, occasions, personalities and professions. For performers all over the world, they say that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a nice pair of shoes.” Theatre actors, ballerinas, tap dancers, acrobats, and cultural performers for sure own a fine pair of character shoes which accompanied them to their success. So the next time you watch your favorite performer on stage, at least try to give credit to the shoes they are wearing.

Here’s a list of interesting facts about character shoes for dance that you probably didn’t know:

*Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself, patented a special shoe which gave him the appearance of defying the normal laws of physics. Patented on October 26, 1993, the shoe was designed with a special heel slot which simply allowed the dancers’ foot to move forward giving the viewers the illusion of a gravity defying performance. The shoe is simply called “Smooth Criminal” leaning shoes and undeniably they are still one of the most talked about character shoes for dance until today.

•  Women began to dance ballet in 1681, at that time ballerina shoes or the pointe shoes had heels. Marie Camargo of the Paris Opéra Ballett was the first ballerina who wore a non-heeled shoe giving her the opportunity to perform leaps which could have been impossible during that time.

• James Devine is the world’s fastest tap dancer with the astonishing record of 38 taps per second. An accomplished performer at the young age of 14, James won “The Grand Slam” of Irish dance by winning all four major international dance championships – World, US, British, and All-Ireland titles in the same year. His key to success is no other than a perfectly fit tap shoes.

• Considered to be the greatest flamenco dancer of all time, Carmen Amaya began dancing and performing on the streets of Barcelona together with her father. She never had any formal study on dance or song but her passion on dancing together with a personalized flamenco shoes designed by a dear friend.

• Vans, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Rebook are the top brands of sneakers which are commonly used by break dancers all over the world. They are characterized by great comfort, light weight, flexibility features and tasteful designs.

• Bad Romance became one of the most watched video over the internet. Lady Gaga never failed her fans and critics with her bold and controversial fashion statements. In the music video, she wore the infamous 12-inch “Monster shoes” aka the Armadillo heels which are sky-high, chunky heels designed by the late iconic designer Alexander McQueen.

For the youngsters out there who are planning to land a successful dance career, start investing on a great pair of shoes because great shoes bring great performances. So bring it on!

Date: 11/03/2010

Submitted to: Emily Pierce

                                                    Flat Shoes: Woman’s Best Friend

Flat shoes are the ultimate gear for the active women of today. Regardless of age, profession and cultural orientations, more and more women prefer wearing sensible flats rather than 6” high heeled shoes as they venture in this busy world. Because in reality, majority of women in our society are found walking and rushing to the bus stop and subways, standing in front of 40 wide-eyed and curious children, behind counters entertaining inquiries and questions, following customers patiently as they explain prices and quality of products or braving the terrible weather and risking lives just to deliver quality news and programs. Yes, these are the real women who build our community and not those skinny, pale and unimaginable beautiful models you see in billboards, glossy magazines and commercials on TV.

Unfortunately the fashion industry has played a major role in shaping society’s mind set today. With the use of high profile celebrities, athletes, and leaders as role models on what to wear, majority of us suffer from so many misconceptions. As a result we the consumers, are misled, unsatisfied and end up as fashion victims. Take the use of high heeled shoes for example. Viewers and readers are convinced that wearing high heeled shoes make you look hot, sexy and glamorous. Maybe there is some truth to this if you are going to attend to a ball or other important similar occasions. But then again everyday life is not on the catwalk or runway. We walk for a living and we should walk with comfortable shoes.

Now here are logical and practical reasons why you should start wearing flats and keep those monstrous high heels for the right occasions.

1. Health Benefits – This is definitely the most important factor to consider in buying shoes. Flats were only accepted and embraced by women in 1940.  Prior to that, people including men were wearing shoes with heels. Apparently high heels exude aristocracy and nobility during those times. During the Renaissance period, high heeled shoes were popularized by Catherine de Medici, a queen of short stature who wanted to appear taller, and had chopines put on her shoes. This was also the time when foot problems began to rise. For the sake of image and acceptance in the society, people denied the foot troubles they started to experience. They developed corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and fallen arches. The use of high heeled shoes during those times forced many feet into unnatural positions resulting to deformity and chronic fatigue. Recent studies today also show that shoes which do not support the muscles properly may lead to serious bladder and adrenaline problems. According to an article by Dr. Robert Ciprian shoes should support the feet muscles and align the bones, so the bottom of the feet will be stimulated. There are no better shoes to do the job than the flats of course. Let us not repeat the problems of our history.

2. Versatility – Flats are everyday apparel. You can wear them with casual shorts as you walk your dog or stroll at the mall. They perfectly fit your jeans regardless of the color. And they look best with a dress which you can wear on Sundays or a get together with family and friends. Flats are very flexible with all types of indoor and outdoor activities. They bring out class, elegance and style from a person.

3. Comfort Factor – This is probably the reason which makes flat shoes popular today. Made from various light but durable materials, flats may come in rubber soles, quality leather, breathable fabrics, water-proof exteriors and supported by puddings and cushions. Best for children, teens, working girls and moms. You can be a person on the go without worrying fatigue and discomfort at the end of the day.

4.  Affordability – With variety of colors and materials to choose from, flats have become a major retail and wholesale business. You can check out the latest and compare prices at The site has an enduring reputation when it comes to products.

Date: 11/08/2010


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