My First Yabu Experience


I rabyu YABU! Yep, that’s exactly my expression and thought when I finally set foot on the much talked about Katsu place in Metro Manila. I happened to meet a client in Megamall and my hungry tummy just dragged me here.


The minimalist interiors highlighted by the story of the origin of Katsu created a very interesting and homey atmosphere.


Lovers of Japanese wouldn’t miss this collection of famous Sakés. Saké is a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. (Thanks Goggle for that.)


Now here’s Yabu’s lovely centerpiece composed of a customized Katsu sauce placed in a cute small ceramic jar, Japanese pepper, chilli powder, chilli oil, Japanese soy sauce (Shoyo), the tasty and not so spicy Wasabi, and Goma Sesame Dressing perfect for the fresh cabbage.


So, first things first. The very friendly staff offered me their menu and since Yabu is known for their Katsu, it’s just proper to order their best-selling Tonkatsu set to start with.


The complementary house tea arrived with a bowl of black and white sesame seeds. The wooden pestle is designed to mash the seeds as desired then pour over about two to three scoops of the thick and delicious Katsu sauce. Mix them well. The experience was overwhelming and taking pictures while doing the process is just impossible so here’s a photo I took from the internet that describes the steps.



And the food arrived! Hallelujah for the fast service. My Tonkatsu Set comes with unlimited Japanese brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage and a bowl of fruit.


This is the star of my table. It’s the mouthwatering Hire-Pork Tenderloin (pronouned as hee-ree) made from 3/4 inch thick, juicy pork cutlet with no fat. Take note, no fat because am trying to be healthy people!


But…but I remembered am not on a diet so a bowl of Gyudon wouldn’t hurt, right? 😜 Yabu’s Gyudon is made up of grilled US beef belly strips bathed in a special Japanese barbecue sauce. It lies on top of Japanese rice and finally crowned with spring onions, sesame seeds, sautéd onions and a creamy poached egg.


Ooooh! And there’s more! A salmon burger! So crispy in the outside and juicy in the inside. I ordered because you know, I just got carried away.


Here’s the wall that leads to the restroom. It is full of stories and great reviews about the place.


This is me while a taking a dump. Hahaha. Nope! Just kidding. I normally don’t take bathroom selfies but I saw some writings that perfectly fit my opinions.

And for my verdict… am gonna give this food haven a perfect 10!!! Visit the nearest Yabu in your place and dig on their delicious house specialties!


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