SPOILER ALERT! Negan just killed who?


90 minutes! Yes! A 90 minute heart-pounding and much anticipated mental torture, AMC’s The Walking Dead just delivered the most cliff hanging season finale. The character of Negan was finally introduced and he did not disappoint. His smile and monologue gave me the chills. At one point, he was really charismatic but then he started to swing his beloved bat Lucille and the sound of a cracked skull echoed in the black screen. Muffled screams were heard in the background and I thought I just died right there! Who could it be? Was it Glenn, just like in the comics? My beloved Daryl? Eugene, who recently earned our respect? Not Carl puhleeeease, or it would be too gruesome for Rick to witness. Whoever that person is, he would be enough reason for everyone to curse Negan and crown him as the worst ever villain the show has ever had. The next season would be in October and ghaaaaaaa, the thought of who died is killing me already! I just wanted Rick and the rest of the group to take their revenge.


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