A Different Holy Week Experience


I was raised a Catholic but having Theology as one of my majors in college exposed and allowed me to understand different religions all over the world. And rather than looking at each others’ differences, I focus more on similar beliefs and practices that promote my being and my relationship with others.

Yesterday, I got to experience Raja Yoga. It is a process of personal enlightment through meditation and relaxation.


The experience allowed me to reflect on the following things:
1. Forgiveness – Harboring anger and resentment is like living in prison. As long as we carry the feeling of anger, we are caged in this prison. Forgiveness is also a gift to our own selves.
2. Truthfulness – To always speak the truth is good and correct. To be truthful also means not to hide your feelings, not to be evasive or not to make excuses.
3. Contentment – This is the greatest wealth we are able to possess. No amount of material or godly things can replace pure joy and peace of mind. If we rely on material things, we will always be disappointed.

After the meditation, I was asked to spin the Wheel of Values, to determine my gift for the day.


I got Maturity and Simplicity.




The result actually made me smile because to be very honest, I went through a challenging time lately at work where I ended up getting disappointed because I realized that no matter how good you are, there will always be people who are disrespectful, unfair, insensitive and ungrateful. However, I chose not to dwell on the problem anymore and simply moved on.


If you want to have a different experience this Holy Week, try Raja Yoga. It is being offered at Hotel Albergo until March 27, Sunday.



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