Back and Alive




“Whatever happened to her?” WordPress community might ask since last post was waaaaaay back 2014. Well, as much as Walking Dead has reached its 6th season and Game of Thrones is about to resume oh and by the way Leo has finally won an Oscars, yours truly has gone through some major overhaul for the past two years as well. So you see, I got employed which means I was no longer jobless and lost the opportunity to become idle and unproductive. I have resumed paying my taxes so that gives me the right to rant at the current administration and the shitty way their running this country. I went back to writing and provided content to a very useful site. I still do tutorials on the side. I also went through a major operation which prompt me to alter my diet (fuck you hemorrhoid!). And hey, am still a loving wife to the same man and a doting mother to my lovely boys. I randomly decided to take a day off and ended up here some hours ago. So yeah life has been good and I can’t wait to narrate again my stories. For now, let me head back to the kitchen and make myself a hearty breakfast. You see my awesome instagram posts on the right? Follow me! Bye for now. Ciao! 🐷



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