My Review on “Coda”:Walking Dead’s Mid Season Finale


In preparation for Walking Dead’s mid season finale, I had to watch over again all episodes from the previous four seasons in less than a week. Yep! Seriously…because I just had to go back and remember how Rick was from the very beginning before he turned into this hardcore slaughtering machine. The same thing with how Carol and Beth became the kick-ass chicks they are now from the timid and weak characters they used to be.

Ahhh, Beth and Carol, the two girls who captured the heart of our charming yet introvert Mr. Dixon, and now turned as an unwilling prisoners at Grady Memorial Hospital. For days, I kept asking myself, “So who’s gonna die between the two?” And I knew and had that feeling that Beth would be the one but still, when that scene finally happened, it was so heart wrenching! Daryl cried and that validates how sad the ending was.


For me, Beth’s death is inevitable. It is the best way to conclude a half-season which started with powerful episodes but began to lose focus, pace and characterization in the last two episodes. To be specific, I don’t remember Maggie taking the initiative to inquire or even look for Beth since the start of the season. It was always Glenn…Glenn…Glenn, no room for her sister. Second, I got bored with the never-ending discussion of Sasha and Tyreese. Third, Carol finally woke up and that’s just it. I particularly didn’t like how Dawn’s character ended. Well, she isn’t as ruthless as the Governor or as gross like Gareth but she’s still bad and she should have suffered until her last breath from the walkers. I’m giving this episode a score of 8/10.

Now, here are the moments I’m looking forward to in February:

1. Rick’s reaction after finding out how Father Gabriel almost got Judith, Carl and Michonne killed by walkers (haha!)

2. Eugene’s full explanation of the whole scientist thing

3. Morgan finally catching up with Rick and his people

4. Judith learning to walk, talk and other normal baby stuff

5. Last but not the least, Daryl getting into some real actions. Actions with the ladies I mean especially that it has been clarified that he’s not gay after all.

So let’s all look forward to another action-packed half season next year. For the meantime, I hope this would soothe your grieving heart. Cheers to the awesome Emily Kinney a.k.a Beth.

beth daryl 1


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