Math vs English

There’s this statement shirt getting famously shared on facebook which says “Ang galing mo ngang mag-English, Bobo ka naman sa Math”.


It may sound funny to others but if you analyze it, so much sourgraping and hatred are obviously being promoted. Well, I have no idea about the real intent of the person who made this but here are possible reasons:
1. To openly bash Filipinos who speak the language which unfortunately is irritating to others
2. To promote Math as the “alpha subject”
3. To deliberately tell to everyone that it is OK to be bad in English as long as you are good in Math

Well here’s what I have to say. Whether you like it or not, English is more useful than Math in the real world. Proof?
1. You nail interviews and get the job using the English language. You don’t present yourself to your future employers impressing them with algorithm examples.
2. You write letters and memos using the English language and not algebraic expressions.
3. In your resume, indicating that your have excellent communication skills is a plus. Who care’s if you can memorize the square root of 36587? When you deal with people, on a daily basis, you use words, phrases and sentences and not numbers.
3. You present products and close deals with clients using the English language and not trigonometric functions.
4. You want to have a visa and go to other countries? You need the English language. And when you get lost, you think you can ask directions using symbols and codes?

In my entire adult life, I NEVER encountered a situation where I could use my former lessons in long divisions, quadrilaterals, geometric proofs, polynomials, and calculus. I do see the importance of mastering the four basic operations but I read recipes in English, I sing lullabies in English, I meet new people using English, I react at situations using English. Even when having sex and during orgasms, I exclaim in English. Come on! Do you scream using the formula of areas and perimeters?

So stop this propaganda against the use of English. This kind of backward and negative Pinoy attitude is pulling us down from improving and getting more confident. If you are too annoyed listening to people speaking the language even when they are just in the grocery, coffee shops or public transportation, deal with it! Ikamamatay mo ba ang marinig sila?


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