Only from the Mouth of T-Bag



After re-watching all four seasons of Prison Break, still my favorite character is Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell. He got the best performance followed by Agent Mahone. T-Bag’s character is annoying, scary and hilarious at the same time. And the quotes… wow! Well, here are my favorites:

1. (After Scofield broke the A/C) Can’t you transfer us some place cooler? Like… Africa?  

2. (About the rising temperature in the cells) Not that hot? (Points to an African-American cellmate) When this guy woke up, he was white!

3. Oh, it is. But don’t worry. Before I destroyed it, I committed it to my photographic memory (eats last bit of the map).

4. That picture makes me look like a sociopath.

5. (Asking Sucre) Geographical semantics, amigo. I’m speaking about the general Latino population. How is it that a people so historically lazy ended up being such a big part of the nation’s workforce?

6. (To Westmoreland) You know what I can’t understand is why somebody like you wants to get out of here anyways. How you gonna survive, huh? The world is all different now, scary. They got computer phones, boobies made out of silicone, you won’t know what to do!

7. (To Bellick) Bradley, I couldn’t expect a grown man who still lives with his mamma to understand the machinations of love.

8. I get the ass kicking of a lifetime, and you come back empty handed? A Post-It Note? That’s what you got? How bout some Elmer’s Glue, did ya get any of that?


So cheers to Robert Knepper! May Hollywood give him more breaks both on TV and the big screen to share his genius 🙂



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