The Power of Prayers

“Good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who wait and pray.”

I am not a very religious person. Yes, I am a Catholic but I would be a fool if I claim that I go to church every Sabbath day, pray the rosary regularly, memorize the names of every saints and arrange the books and prophets in the Bible accordingly. But no doubt, I am a very faithful person. I have established a constant and sincere communication with the Lord and most of the time I unknowingly blurt out things as if He is just literally there. And when I pray for something I do it in a very child-like manner just like a little girl trying to sweet talk her father.

Just recently, I ask Him to give me a part-time job. Not just any part-time job but something I’m really really good at, fits according to my lazy schedule and won’t take so much time from my mommy duties! Hah! Pretty demanding right? And where on Earth could God look for a job like that? But you see, God’s grace and power is so immense and nothing…I repeat, nothing is impossible to Him.

Yesterday, I received an invitation for a new writing job online. And what are the terms? To choose 10 Biblical verses a day and write a prayer for each that must come from the bottom of my heart. And here’s the really interesting part, i could do it during my most convenient time and get to be paid in ____ dollars a day!!! Wow! Just wow! He answered my prayers and at the same time made me realize one important lesson and that is to read the Bible which I have neglected for the longest time. Should I be happy or should I be guilty? God’s sense of humor is awesome nevertheless!

May this be a lesson to everyone. Prayer works! And if you think God isn’t paying attention and answering your prayers that is because He is preparing something even better for you… just be patient for a while. God knows our heart’s desire and you know what’s amazing… sometimes you don’t even have to ask for it. God simply gives the most beautiful blessings to us.

For that, I will be forever faithful and grateful.



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