A Closer Look at the 21st Century Mom

The way we look at motherhood has changed over the years. There were those dark times (Thank God, they’re gone!) when a mother’s role was outlined only into two things: serve her husband and bear his children. If we are still living in the past, its quiet hard to imagine that these women will one day take the wheel and drive, go to space, lead congregations of believers, or win the highest position in a government election. Today, mothers have gained admiration and their significance in shaping our society has been acknowledged.


By definition, the word mother is a noun which means a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. Mother is also a verb which means to bring up (a child) with care and affection. If you would agree with me, I would prefer the second description because a mother is more than just a title and her ability to give birth. Motherhood is a continuous and selfless act of loving, nurturing and helping a child even when they become grown-ups and beyond.

We should therefore broaden our minds and stop stereotyping mothers. I think anybody regardless of her gender, age, economic status or educational attainment for that matter can carry out motherhood as long as it’s done with dedication, love and sincerity. Let us meet the 21st century moms and give them the honor and respect they truly deserve.

  • The adoptive mother who loved and raised a baby as if it is her own. She will do everything to protect this child and give him a wonderful future.
  • The working mom who wanted to help her husband provide with more than the basic necessities for their children. And in spite of being tired and stressed from work, she would still find time to make up for her family when she gets home.
  • The OFW mom who made a huge sacrifice of leaving the country in order to sustain a better life for the whole family. She maybe far from home but her heart is always with her children. Every second of a phone call or a video conversation is a treasure to her.
  • The grandma who is most-willing to raise and take care of her grandchildren. She spoils her grandkids because she believes it is her duty but nevertheless, she just wanted to give them the feeling of security.
  • The teacher who never had the chance to get married because she was too busy and fulfilled teaching and nurturing some forty inquisitive children in her classroom. She lives up and takes pride being a “second parent” to these kids.
  • The single mom who courageously carried both the role of a husband and a mother in order to keep the family together. It is twice the work, twice the pressure and twice the tears but she remains happy, positive and resilient for her kids.
  • The teenage mom who took the courage of keeping her baby in spite of fear and backlash. It takes a lot of maturity and a great sense of responsibility to raise her child but with the strong support system within her family, she will be okay.
  • The stay-home mom who chose to set aside her career to personally take care of her family. She is often portrayed as depressed, uneducated, unmotivated, and unproductive member of the society but it is through her hands that turns a happy child into a successful police officer, doctor, engineer, teacher, or lawyer someday.

There are more people out there who live up and dedicate their lives into motherhood. In this particular occasion, we should give them more than just a pat on the shoulder. There are countless means to show our love and appreciation to them. And if you are one of these mothers, be proud. Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day to us!






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