Going Chinese Once in a While

Thank God for the Chinese for their food! Who would say “NO” to their pecking duck, won ton soup, egg fried rice, dumplings, dimsum, spicy tofu and chicken dishes? In spite of its simplicity, Chinese dishes are rich and flavorful.

This week, my husband and I suddenly had a craving for Chinese dishes and he remembered this awesome place where they had amazing dimsums for a very affordable price. He was referring to Mr. Ching Cuisine at Baguio Palace Hotel. It took us a flash to dress up and we hit the road. When we reached our destination, we learned that dimsums are not yet ready! Say what?! Imagine our frustration but the kind and accommodating waiter told us that the chef is already heating up the steamer. Whew! What a relief. And when our food was finally laid on the table, we had a feast. We didn’t have the time to talk. We just nom nom nom nom nom!



Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage Image

Image  Image Image

Image ImageImage

If you’re not salivating yet, you’re not human at all! Thank you Mr. Ching for the mouth-watering experience. Try it guys! If I am gonna rate the food, either I was just too hungry or overwhelmed but I’m giving it a perfect 10!!! I’m definitely going back to try the other dimsums. Who wants to pig out with me? Give me a call 😀


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