Captain Phillips: My Movie Review

Captain Phillips: My Movie Review


If you think you’ve figured everything in this film by just simply watching the trailer then compare it with the last two Bourne movies by Paul Greengrass, then you’re absolutely wrong. First and foremost, THE Tom Hanks is in in this movie, playing real-life Alabama commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips. Is there anything that he can’t do? His portrayal and delivery from the moment the Somali pirates started chasing them in waters, his undeterred command to the rest of the crew as he guide them through their safety, and up to his grueling and agonizing hostage crisis in a claustrophobic life boat, Tom Hanks is definitely, without no doubt perfect. But wait…let’s not forget the actors who played the young Somali pirates. Barkhad Abdi who played Captain Muse gave an equally satisfying performance. He was so good that i have to check on his background. Working as a chauffeur before being cast in this film and without previous acting experience or an aspiration to become an actor, this guy is a diamond in a rough and deserves an award too.

In conclusion, with all the superb cast, great camera works, intense and breath-taking scenes, and a story line that manages to expose two opposing cultures, Captain Phillips is award-worthy and deserves a 10!

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