Gravity: My Movie Review

Gravity: A Movie Review

When i first heard that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney would be making a film, I was like “For real?!” I mean, yes, they are truly talented and genuinely good-looking and awesome individuals but will there be a chemistry if it’s a love story. We all know how adorable and funny Sandy is and George… the good old lovable George, best known for throwing pranks on his co-stars on set, so yeah… i was a little bit worried but excited considering that these two both have an Oscars to brag.

And then i saw the news on TV how the film turned into a blockbuster and that critics gave it very favorable reviews so I joined the hype. Driven by curiosity and excitement, I searched for the best quality file that i could download, thus my journey to Oscar’s 2014 Best Picture started with this film.

It’s not a love story! Thank God! Gravity is a heart-pounding thriller about a space duty gone wrong. Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky performed by George Clooney. It’s just supposed to be an ordinary day on space where a team would do their rounds to service the Huble Space Telescope when all of a sudden Mission Control warned them to abort their mission and return to the Explorer at once. The next thing you know, high-speed debris have struck and destroyed their space shuttle, Dr. Ryan floating nervously on space but fortunately Kowalski finally grabbed her, the rest of the crew getting killed, debris coming back then Kowalski in order to save Ryan detached himself from a strap or whatever it is and so Kowalski kept floating in space until Ryan could no longer see or hear him then Ryan’s solo dilemma kept on. Woooah! This is the best space movie that I have seen in years. If there’s one word to describe the whole film, it would be intense! I am not a scientist or a space expert to validate the event that took place in the film but it was so realistic and the most convincing space movie I’ve seen.

Great job Alfonso Cuarón for the superb editing and directing job! And in my opinion, Sandra Bullock is more deserving to win an Oscar in this film compared to her performance in The Blind Side. I’m giving this movie a 9/10.

Next film: Captain Phillips


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