The Advantages of a One-sided Love

First and foremost, you don’t get to spend money unlike when you’re dating you have to buy dinner, movie tickets and exchange gifts to please that person. Second, there are no restrictions. You have lots of freedom to like that person. Then there is no need to always consider the partner. Will he like what I’m wearing? Did he love my surprise? Was my make-up too much or too little? Should we go on to this restaurant/ place next time? Well, it saves a lot of effort. You have no expectation of anything from that person from the very beginning, just watching him is enough. And when you want it to stop… you can stop at any time without considering his feelings since it is only you who will be sad but at least that’s better. You move on on your own and the next time you meet this person, you don’t have to feel guilty or troubled because right from the start it was only you and you alone who had that feeling.



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