I Love Teaching Because…


“I love teaching because…

Everyday there’s magic in the classroom”

“I love teaching because…

Everyday new breed of talents are ready to bloom”

“I love teaching because…

I can be like a historian or a rocket scientist”

“I love teaching because

I can be a Hollywood star on my own at least”

“I love teaching because…

I get hugs and kisses for free”

“I love teaching because…

I feel like a blessed mother everyday”

“I love teaching because…

There’s no substitute for those innocent grins”

“I love teaching because…

Nothing’s more beautiful than to hear children sing”

“I love teaching because…

I believe this is the best profession

“I love teaching because…

It’s a profession that can heal the whole nation.”


One thought on “I Love Teaching Because…

Add yours

  1. Love your reasons, teach’. Teaching is considered the most noble of all professions, by the French. Not just the nation, but the whole would be a far better place if the decision-makers would only devote the time and means to such a worthy cause. Consider yourself fortunate to love teaching. And thanks.


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