Rain Brings More Love

Rain Brings More Love

Whoever labeled that rain is always associated with bad weather surely does not understand its beauty.

For me, there’s always something about the rain that gives me comfort. May be it is because of the fact that rain brings my family together in the comfort of our little home. With a mug of hot chocolate or my home-made creamy macaroni soup in our hands, we snuggle under the warmth of one blanket as we watch our favorite movie. Rain brings more love to my family.

When I was little, the first rain after the summer is always a blessing. It marks a beginning in the life of the farmers in my province. I remember how my cousins and I would run to the fields and just simply be lost there. No worries, just pure fun!

The next time it rains, please don’t whine. Look up and pause for a moment for it is a blessing from above.


3 thoughts on “Rain Brings More Love

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  1. Very true about rain. It brings us so much, we ourselves are mostly rainwater, yet so many of us feel discomfort in it because we get cold or our clothes get wet or we miss the sun. Rainy days, to me, are a great relief — like life is starting up again, like in your picture, with the ripples growing outward from a single drop. Thank you for visualizing life so well.


  2. nice.im so proud of you cousin.to see your name being a writer makes me beam with pride.keep on the good work and stay motivational.(cant wait to hear a speech from u..if not sermon lol)miss u and more power see u soon


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