Bliss Cafe is Where the Heart Is

Exactly four years ago, when i discovered Bliss Cafe. I have been living in Baguio since 2000 and I haven’t seen such an amazing place. My first visit was unplanned, in fact i was carrying a heavy burden in my heart at that time. But the moment i stepped on the place, all my worries literally just vanished. The whole place is a work of art. My eyes had a feast. I was welcomed by Jim with a smile. He was very accommodating. It took me a while to order because even the menu is a literary piece. Then my eyes caught the crepe and so i ordered one for a starter. I can’t help but salivate when the plate was served on my table. That first little bite was so unforgettable. It was like an “orgasm in the mouth!”. I had my second serving within minutes, this time accompanied by the intriguing “Haiku” and a cup of their mild coffee. I’m a certified meat-lover but their ‘vegetarian chicharon’ is just insanely delicious! I savored the last piece. My lovely experience didn’t just end there. Jim introduced me to a wonderful young lady by the name of Mari-An who was also seated alone with her laptop in the nearby table. Young as she was, she’s devoting her time helping kids and people from remote communities. We exchanged tales of our experiences. That day, I did not just had an amazing meal. I also won a new friend.

Since then, i have been bringing my friends, students and relatives at Bliss Cafe. They all have one word to say “AMAZING” and the crepe is always a winner. Even my 4 year-old son found his favorite spot there. It’s beside the pony made from paper mache. Santi would gladly bring out the jar of legos for him and he would be lost in his own world.

So what makes Bliss Cafe a must-see place? More than the satisfaction of the taste buds and the hospitality of Jim, Shanti and their crew, it is the satisfaction of the soul. Because every visit, positivity is drawn out from you. Visit the cafe and experience the bliss! 🙂

** All photos are courtesy from my good friend Ms. Sheryl Libao 🙂

**Bliss Cafe is located at the lobby of Hotel Elizabeth, Gibraltar St. corner J.Felipe St., Baguio City, Luzon, Philippines


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