My First Yabu Experience

I rabyu YABU! Yep, that's exactly my expression and thought when I finally set foot on the much talked about Katsu place in Metro Manila. I happened to meet a client in Megamall and my hungry tummy just dragged me here. The minimalist interiors highlighted by the story of the origin of Katsu created a... Continue Reading →


Cedade de Deus: Raw and Pure Genius

My husband, who has become a full-time dad, part-time "mom" and an entrepreneur on weekends surprised me very recently with a 13 year old indie film (available in Torrent- BRip copy) set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro in the early 60s. Knowing my love for arts and literature, he did not disappoint neither... Continue Reading →

SPOILER ALERT! Negan just killed who?

90 minutes! Yes! A 90 minute heart-pounding and much anticipated mental torture, AMC's The Walking Dead just delivered the most cliff hanging season finale. The character of Negan was finally introduced and he did not disappoint. His smile and monologue gave me the chills. At one point, he was really charismatic but then he started to... Continue Reading →

A Morning Walk

It's Sunday and I woke up earlier than my usual 5:00 AM routine. Took my daily dose of caffeine but words aren't coming through my head yet so I stood up, left my unfinished article, wore my sneakers and just took off without any specific place to go in mind. I ended up at a... Continue Reading →

A Different Holy Week Experience

I was raised a Catholic but having Theology as one of my majors in college exposed and allowed me to understand different religions all over the world. And rather than looking at each others' differences, I focus more on similar beliefs and practices that promote my being and my relationship with others. Yesterday, I got... Continue Reading →

Back and Alive

"Whatever happened to her?" WordPress community might ask since last post was waaaaaay back 2014. Well, as much as Walking Dead has reached its 6th season and Game of Thrones is about to resume oh and by the way Leo has finally won an Oscars, yours truly has gone through some major overhaul for the... Continue Reading →

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