Be Petrafied

Me, Myself, and I

Hello fellow bloggers and visitors!

My name is MARNILLE P. UMAWING. My students and colleagues call me by my nickname Pett  but family and friends call me Petra.    I am 38 years old, happily married and a doting mother to two adorable boys. I am an educator by profession with specializations in English and Religious and Values Education. I have been teaching for more than 15 years now and I have expanded my professional career as a writer and resource speaker. Recently, my family moved back to my hometown and we have embraced both the farm and remote life. I literally work anywhere. That’s the beauty of a freelance and remote worker.

I love culinary, arts, history and literature. Whenever I have the free time I just wanted to grab a book and be lost for the moment. Writing is my passion. I have so many ideas and I put them into writing. I am very interested with topics related to innovation, entertainment, family, pop culture, food, history, home, movies, music and science and even conspiracy theories.

In the future, I do look forward to publish my own book of children’s story, collections of poetry, and even culinary based from I learned from my travels.

I am continuously learning. I am inspired by the people who believe in me and from stories I read each day.


3 thoughts on “Be Petrafied

  1. Hi Mar,
    It’s Nina, I’m acquainted with Jemilla. She reccomended you to me for content. Are you able to send me a couple of other examples ofbuour work?
    We’re looking to have write content for one of our site about wellbeing.


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